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The world’s first truly free marketing

automation platform

All of the tools you need most, all in one place, for the right price


Newsletters, campaign launches, web forms & landing pages, sales notifications, analytics and more;

a full suite of the core capabilities required to scale your business and bring it all to life, in real-time, with marketing automation.

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Drive growth and scale your SMB

Create more one-to-one conversations and improve everyday interactions with marketing automation

Generate interest

Educate and empower your audience while positioning yourself as a trusted source of information and inspiration within your industry.

Build relationships

Nurture leads with powerful workflow triggers and sharp segmentation to walk them closer towards becoming clients and future brand advocates.

Increase revenue

Bring marketing and sales closer together in a way that will scale your business and prevent leads from slipping through the cracks.

Reduce turnover

Continue to foster valuable business relationships and grow opportunities long-term with advanced post-acquisition nurture programs.

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