Leadsius 2015 upgrades

25 Aug Coming Soon to Leadsius – Q3, 2015

As always, our dev team has been sifting through feature requests and other planned upgrades in order to keep our roadmap here at Leadsius up-to-date. Heading into this fall we have a lot on our plate (in a good way) and felt it would be nice to share some of the upgrades and other hard work that we expect to come to light relatively soon.
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01 Sep Future Marketers – Growth Hackers or Customer Heroes?

Growth Hacker or Customer Hero? What will be the one most important mission to accomplish for the future Marketer?

Is it even possible to argue that there will be one single task superior all others? I guess not, but there is obvious some skills will be more important than others. And it is up to you to make the choices along the way to where you want to be and how to define your future work.

What type of Marketer do you want to be?

As the field of Marketing is in constant change, Marketers has certainly the ability to adapt new trends to improve our work. The entrance of marketing technology is no exception and as the web is where it all happens, technology has become a very important part of our jobs. There is a big need to understand what it is all about, but does it mean we all need to learn code and manage several IT-platforms? Is our future success depending on how well we can set up technology to work for us? I think so, but I am not sure it means that we should define ourselves as Growth Hackers in the sense of more technical skilled persons, who actually can do a lot of coding. Or is it better to define our job as Digital Marketers? Of course, the title itself isn't that important, but how we learn to take advantage of the marketing technology available is. And it might be a good idea for every Marketer to decide on where you're aiming.

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25 Jun Leadsius becomes a strategic partner to IDG Content & Marketing Services in Sweden

IDG_CMSIDG Content & Marketing Services, a leading content marketing agency in Sweden signs a strategic partnership with the Swedish marketing automation company Leadsius. The cooperation means that Leadsius Marketing automation platform becomes a key component in IDGs offering to its customers. IDG Sweden becomes the first Leadsius partner who primarily will use a newly developed Wordpress plugin, with built in Marketing Automation functionalities to create great hubs for converting content.

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21 May Leadsius partners with London-based digital agency Leading Thought


Leading Thought is a digital agency focusing on helping small- and medium sized businesses to accelerate their competitiveness by providing professional services, training and the tools they need to take advantage of the “digital arena” and grow.

The agency becomes the first Leadsius partner in the UK, which enables a solid growth of new customers. Leadsius already has 100+ of active customers in the UK, and through the partnership with Leading Thought, the expansion of Leadsius Marketing Automation amongst SMEs in UK has a great potential.

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12 May The Marketing Automation industry is building hurdles to screen out customers – SMB Marketers are the losers!

hurdlesThings are heating up!

The leading providers protects their business models by building hurdles, SMB/SME companies interest in Marketing Automation increases for every day, traditional IT-companies acquires MAS companies, there is a rapid growth in the industry and a lot of new vendors are out there. Where does it takes us? Here´s my reflections and predictions.
Mr. David Raab wrote these words in an analysis lately about new competitors coming up in the Marketing Automation landscape. "--- In fact, the trend in the marketing automation industry has generally been to increase rather than remove barriers to getting started ---" Read the full post here.
Later in the same post he points out that vendors like Hubspot and Infusionsoft even screen out companies who haven´t got the money or the time to take on the hard work of getting started with Marketing Automation. This means they are actively disqualifying a huge part of all SMB Marketers the chance to take advantage of of new smart marketing technology. The business model of “screening” works as long as the market keeps on growing and it will keep on doing so until 2020.
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06 May How modern Marketing Technology Challenges your Creativity!

Modern Marketing Technology sets you in position to be as creative and smart as you always wanted to be...

Marketing technology Marketing has always been and will always be about creating outstanding ideas! If you thought creativity only was for big Advertising Agencies making expensive TV-spots you are definitely wrong. It is in fact more important than ever to stand out and connect to your audience with creative and remarkable ideas - in every interaction you possible can achieve, your ”marketing-voice” needs to hit the sweet-spot of emotions to trigger action. Think your job as a B2B Marketer is more about processes and planning you better think again. You see, great ideas put into a well executed plan is what you are aiming for and modern technology will actually help you make it happen...
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11 Apr Want to see your B2B Marketing Skyrocket? Stop planning and get into Action.

countdownSee the world through the eyes of your customer!

Marketing planning includes a lot of guessing. No matter how much data you have gathered, no matter how much knowledge you have about your market, you are in the game of assumptions laying out your puzzle called - marketing planning. Having a solid strategy to lean on is crucial, to set up a marketing plan supporting it is as important - if it´s built on knowledge about your audience and their goals. If not, it`s wasted.

 Stop guessing! It might be funny and it might look fabulous on the whiteboard, but the reality is likely not even near your whiteboard drawings. For every single assumption, you risk to get further away from ideas that might work out as good as you want too. Sorry to say, but the “big plan” will not do the job, but your audience might do it for you - if you understand them and give them something they want. That is the key, they can make you rise and shine or let you fade away forever...

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03 Mar Agile Marketing – Why it works and how to make it work

agile_balanceWhy agile marketing works and how to make it work for you!  It´s an act of balance.

As Marketer you are always in a battle between what to do next and what to do right now, there is always something new to act on and understand in the evolution of marketing,  I guess that is never gonna change.

You might have the perfect strategy and even the best plan ever, but there is always new "stuff" creeping up on you challenging your priorities, that is for sure stressful and we need to find a way forward to take away a lot of insecurity and frustration. Not knowing if you´re adding value to your business right now and tomorrow. We all go there from time to time and I have over the years tried a lot of different approaches to keep me on track and reduce the stress. I have figured out a model that keeps me on track for now and keeps me away from the "bling-bling" of the future. 

As a Marketer your definitive goal is to put in as much time and effort that is needed to add value to your companies business needs as they are today. At the same time your job is to create ideas to grow your business over time, it is an act of balance. Being committed to adding value in short- and long term demands a lot of hard work and ability to understand your market and your audience. Not a job for everyone...

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